Technology: The tablet Pearl Touchlet X10

With the X10, Pearl presents an entry-level tablet, which must propose great features at a very reasonable price. The 9.7-inch wide viewing angle and stable IPS display with glass surface is 1,024 x 768 pixels and is expected to reach luminous 400 cd / m². The single-core processor operates at 1 GHz and has 1GB of RAM. The internal memory can be expanded with a microSD memory card up to 32GB.

There is USB host function and fast wireless internet for communication, an external UMTS stick can be retrofitted. Front webcam and camera are also on the board. Even a HDMI port for TV and projector is available.Given the price, the first impression of quality is surprisingly good. The case is carefully processed with narrow gaps; the outer edge is at times a little high. The glass front and back aluminium give the tablet a very good stability.

After stripping off the outer protective film, a second film remains on the underlying panel. The manual recommends that this not be deducted. However, we notice in the peripheral areas some air pockets that do not disappear during the test. With 600 grams, the X10 weighs as much as an iPad 2 without 3G option, even though the battery with 6500 mAh should be significantly more powerful. At the thickest point of the rounded rear casing, we measure 11 millimetres.

Control buttons on the side edges

Four buttons operate it: we find a button front, sides above the rocker for the volume control and the power button and at the head of a switch for fixing the panel orientation. The buttons work properly, with good tactile feedback and quiet cracking. The arrangement is convenient when holding in landscape mode they are ideal.All connections are on one: USB, HDMI mini design, headphone jack and AC adapter jack, a microSD slot, and two tiny openings for the microphone and the reset button.

All sockets are freely without covers. In addition, the card slot is not covered; the card can be recessed flush with targeted fingernail pressure clean snap on and off.

Technology: The tablet Pearl Touchlet X7G S

There is a variety of tablets on the market. This 7-inch tablet is the big brother of TouchletX7G. Pearl offers the tablet with additional top features such as Android 4.0, Flash11, and an excellent sharp display. In addition, the perfect entertainment to the TouchletX7GS can offer, which is made possible through HDMI, full HD and a memory expansion with MicroSDHC card up to 32 GB.
With respect to the equipment, X7GS has just 512 MB of RAM and a hard disk memory of 4 GB as its predecessor Pearl TouchletX7G. The Cortex A8 1 GHz CPU cuts off a bit worse.

Scope of delivery

Included in delivery are next to the tablet X7GS a power adapter with charging cable, a USB cable (A Male to B Male mirco), a USB adapter cable (micro B male to A female) and a short manual manageable.

Optics and handling

The case appears in black piano lacquer look and is made of plastic. Immediately notices that remain not only fingerprints on the display, and unsightly marks on the surface when adjusting the tablet. The processing of the tablet is good, the rounded corners make the TouchletX7GS lie comfortably in the hand. The transition between the front and backside has no sharp edges. The back is adorned with a discreet logo. All buttons are rounded and have a faint clicking noise.

The panel also has a similar noise when it is used. On the tablet there are 3 key symbols whose functionality is not intuitive. The tablet has a weight of 382g, making it lighter than the average of its competitors. The unit measures 200 (H) x 124 (W) x 12.5 (D) mm. The micro- USB connector and charging cables fit well and do not fall out.

The connectors are located on three sides. None of the ports, except for HDMI – and the T-card input, were also provided with a labelled symbolism. Top right is the rocker switch for the volume. Below is the micro- USB port, no cover. On the right side there are on and off switch, followed by the opening for the charger, HDMI – and T-card input with cover and a connector for the 3.5 mm audio jack.

Technology: Samsung smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Note series

The “Note” series, an also very successful smartphone from Samsung rail seems only a fringe group among the high-end mobile phones of South Korean show. However, this is clearly not the case! The giant mobile phones (nearly Tablets) are indeed much less strongly placed in the foreground of the current smartphone advertising.

Thus, the notes cell phone may not represent more the latest of its kind and no longer have the freshest operating system, but the simply fabulous XXL screen provides with its diagonal of 5.5 inches a regular cinema fun in miniature format. With dimensions of 15.1 x 8.1 x 0.9 centimetres, the Note II is a real chunk.

The Samsung N7100

The Samsung N7100 has a whopping 3,100-mAh lithium-ion battery. This is not one hundred percent coordinated interaction between the CPU and operating system.

Camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note II

The camera also provides a sharp picture and video experience, but falls in terms of additional function of far less demanding than the current solution of the S4.

The actual super plus point, however, is well hidden in a small alcove addition: a stylus, which is a sensory screen pin on the name “S Pen” hears. With it the user can direct the display especially sensitive and handwritten notes in a classic computer font (which can be used for example to insert into Word documents) to convert.

Samsung is rightly one of the global players in the smartphone business, thus achieving quarter billion profits. In competition with other providers of smartphones, especially Apple, the manufacturer can offer each other in terms of functionality, software and design. With the Samsung Galaxy series successful, competitive models have emerged that are at the top with with Apple’s iPhone series. If you still want to see all models of Samsung smartphone, you do this best on the Samsung website. There you will find further details on the smartphones.

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