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Samsung Galaxy Note series

The “Note” series, an also very successful smartphone from Samsung rail seems only a fringe group among the high-end mobile phones of South Korean show. However, this is clearly not the case! The giant mobile phones (nearly Tablets) are indeed much less strongly placed in the foreground of the current smartphone advertising.

Thus, the notes cell phone may not represent more the latest of its kind and no longer have the freshest operating system, but the simply fabulous XXL screen provides with its diagonal of 5.5 inches a regular cinema fun in miniature format. With dimensions of 15.1 x 8.1 x 0.9 centimetres, the Note II is a real chunk.

The Samsung N7100

The Samsung N7100 has a whopping 3,100-mAh lithium-ion battery. This is not one hundred percent coordinated interaction between the CPU and operating system.

Camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note II

The camera also provides a sharp picture and video experience, but falls in terms of additional function of far less demanding than the current solution of the S4.

The actual super plus point, however, is well hidden in a small alcove addition: a stylus, which is a sensory screen pin on the name “S Pen” hears. With it the user can direct the display especially sensitive and handwritten notes in a classic computer font (which can be used for example to insert into Word documents) to convert.

Samsung is rightly one of the global players in the smartphone business, thus achieving quarter billion profits. In competition with other providers of smartphones, especially Apple, the manufacturer can offer each other in terms of functionality, software and design. With the Samsung Galaxy series successful, competitive models have emerged that are at the top with with Apple’s iPhone series. If you still want to see all models of Samsung smartphone, you do this best on the Samsung website. There you will find further details on the smartphones.


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